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Alaska Fishing Information

Read & download our BOA Gear List documentation in Adobe PDF format.

Alaska Fishing License

You will need to purchase a fishing license.  Alaska Fishing license and permits are available for purchase online.  We are a private fishing charter and we operate within the laws and regulations set by the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game.

Alaska Rods, Lines & Flies

Rods & Lines for each species of fish

Alaska Rainbow Trout - a 6 weight and an 8 weight will cover all circumstances. Anything lighter and you could end up really beating up a trophy fish.  Both sinking and floating line work well.  Any of the interchangeable head systems work great.  There are plenty of opportunity to spey fish, but at least one single handed rod is necessary for fishing out of the rafts.

Grayling - a 3 weight and/or a 5 weight rod work great for Grayling.  Floating lines work the best.

Alaska Salmon - 8 weight and 10 weight rods work well, with 10 being my pick for big water or kings. We do have the opportunity to fish shallow water for the sockeye making the 8 wt a lot of fun, but once they hit the main current you could lose the fish.  I also supply big Ugly Stick fly rods with moocher reels that make great salmon medicine.

Leaders - for leader material I generally just run 40/30/20/10 or straight 15lbs test.  The trout are not leader shy and we are not into tippet records and dead trout.  Straight 20 or 15 is great for salmon.

Fly Selection

Steelhead Flies - most steelhead flies work great for these monster rainbows. Lead eye leech patterns-Egg sucking leech with zonker strips and articulating bodies.  Yellow, red, orange or chartreuse eyes.  Bodies can be either black or olive.  Sizes 6-2 (with mono body often small egg hook is used)

Articulated Leeches cone heads or lead eyes - black with chartreuse collar, purple with red, olive.  4 inch flies are not too big.

Bead head nymphs - work great as droppers copper johns, princes, hares ear and zug bugs are all good picks.

Big and nasty DOUBLE BUNNY - in olive and purple or natural and brown.  What a great fly. Mouse and lemming patterns for early season rainbow trout action.  These are particulary effective during June.  Watching angry trout slam the surface for small rodents is an unbelievable experience.

Smolt patterns - these are critical for the June trips as the trout migrate down stream with the sockeye smolt towards the ocean. Muddler Minnows are also a great choice. A person just should not go fishing without a few in their box.

Traveling To Alaska & Getting to King Salmon, Alaska

The following major airlines serve Anchorage with nonstop flights from the local 48 states:

  • Northwest Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • US Airways
  • United Airlines

Flights from Seattle, Washington nonstop to Anchorage are normally on Alaska Airlines.


Arriving in King Salmon

All trips to the camp originate out of the town of King Salmon, located 300 air miles southwest of Anchorage. Alaska Airlines and Penn Air each provide 3 to 4 flights a day. Because King Salmon is the "hub" of the Alaskan Peninsula for both commercial fishing and sport fishing, your flights should be booked as early as possible. It is recommended you fly nonstop from Anchorage.

All clients are expected to arrive in King Salmon the day before departing for the lake and depart the day after we take out, for a total of two nights in town. Lodging in King Salmo can also fill up in a hurry, so those reservations should be made ASAP. There will be someone at the airport to greet you when you arrive.

Recommended Hotels

We recommend staying at one of these fine hotels.  Feel free to contact these fine establishments and make your own reservations.  Just tell them "Christian sent you."

Antlers Inn

(907)246-8525 or 888-735-8525
Fax : (907) 246-6634
P O Box 471,
King Salmon, AK 99613-0471

Price Range : $75 - $100
E-mail: antlers@bristolbay.com
Bunk beds, inexpensive by K.S. standards, good for group

King Ko Inn

(907)246-3377 or (866)234-3474
Mailing Address :PO Box 93010, Anchorage AK 99509
E-mail: alaska@kingko.com

Website : http://www.kingko.com
Price Range : $175/night single $190/night double $205/night triple plus 10% tax

Experience Alaska fishing and hunting at its best at the King Ko Inn. Located in the heart of King Salmon. The King Ko Inn offers sixteen duplex cabins, restaurant, and bar.

Additional information

One of the great things about our trip is that it is very isolated - no phones, no curio shops or timeshare condos. But, it also means that all our supplies must be brought in by float plane. Consequently, there is the possibility we will occasionally run short of certain items. We would appreciate your patience should this occur.

Also, fishing can be somewhat unpredictable. The weather can play an important part in your fishing success. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather, but the guides will make every effort to insure the best possible angling under whatever the prevailing water and weather conditions might be.


If, when you arrive in King Salmon, you find that your luggage has been misplaced by the airlines, you must report it to an airline representative before you leave the baggage claim area. If you do not, it is likely that you will not recover your lost items. Do not surrender your original baggage claim stubs when making a lost baggage claim with an airline. Insist that they make photocopies for their records. After informing the airline, report the loss to the lodge's local representative. He will make every attempt to forward your baggage to the lodge if it is found by the airline.

06/15/08 Update on Baggage: Many airlines now are charging a fee for checked baggage, as well as paying more attention to the weight of your checked bags. We recommend that you check with your airline prior to departure.

We strongly encourage guests to pack lightly in soft sided bags to facilitate loading the float plane aircraft. This is very IMPORTANT!  Oversized / overweight baggage could jeopardize everyone's safety.

Flight Delays

If you are forced to change your travel plans while en route to Alaska, you can contact a BOA representative at the telephone numbers listed below. In general, you do not need to report flight delays unless they will cause you to arrive in Alaska less than 24 hours prior to you float plane flight. BOA staff is in direct contact with the airlines and will be aware of flight time changes. If your flight is canceled, or you are forced to change flights, please call one of the numbers listed below to report your new itinerary.

If your delay causes you to arrive in King Salmon late, it is likely that you will miss all the scheduled float planes to the camp and will be required to spend an additional night at a hotel in King Salmon.  If this is the case, please contact BOA's reservation office as soon as you check-in to your hotel. Delays that require an additional overnight stay in King Salmon will cause you to incur a substantial air charter surcharge. These charges are supplied by the air charter company and are non negotiable.  We cannot guarantee that you will be able to schedule a last minute flight to camp.



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