Equipment Planning

Having the right equipment will insure a very comfortable and successful Alaska fishing adventure. We feel that the fly fishing angler should bring at least two rods: one 8/9 weight for larger fish and one smaller 5/6 weight for smaller fish and windless days. For the spinning tackle fisherman, a long medium-action rod will suffice. Extra rods are always a plus. For more information on what to bring, read our recommended gear list document.

Camp Purchases and Valuables

There is no need for money at the camp.  Save it for King Salmon. If you have anything you do not wish to leave unattended while you are fishing, first consider not taking this item with you, second you can speak with the fishing coordinator and he will explain your options.

Water & Electricity

We purify all our own water. There is plenty to drink.There is no electricity at the remote camp. Remember, anglers will be in the remote Alaska wilderness. We want to emphasize the word "remote" here.

Problems At Camp

If you encounter ANY problem at camp, please report it to the fishing coordinator immediately. Potential problems can be corrected easily, but only if we know about the problem.

Tackle At Base Camp

The camp stocks a limited selection of flies and lures which have proven effective in the area. The camp also has a few loaner rods. It is best to come to camp thoroughly stocked with rods and tackle.

Refreshments On The Water

Anglers are REQUIRED to bring their own personal water bottle or canteen.  Anglers will be drinking from their own personal water bottle or canteen on the water.  Alcoholic beverages can be purchased in King Salmon before your trip or brought from your point of origin per airline regulations.  No glass beer bottles please - cans only.


In Alaska, it is the custom to tip the staff and guides for the services they provide. This can sometimes become a confusing proposition, so we would like to suggest the following general guidelines. We recommend tipping your guide at least 10% of your per person rate.




Emergency Contact with the REMOTE Camp

There is no telephone in the wilderness. In case of emergency, call our Lower 48 office. A message will be relayed to the lodge by radio/satellite. Also, our King Salmon office can make radio/satellite contact with the group. Faxes cannot be sent to the group once they have departed into the wilderness, please make all attempts to finalize your business prior to your vacation.  If a fax or paperwork must be sent - please contact the Lower 48 office to discuss the best options.


Temperatures in Alaska can range from the low 60's to the low 90's in July. Isolated afternoon thunder showers are a possibility year round. The weather tends to be relatively calm in June and July.

General Information on What to Expect on Your Incredible Alaska Fly-In Six Day Adventure in the Alaska Wilderness

All float trips begin in King Salmon, Alaska. Guests and anglers are met by one of our guides and transferred to a float plane to fly to a remote glacial lake.

Anglers will spend the first night on one of the glacial lakes where the rivers originate.  From there you will begin a journey downstream, stopping each night at a different camp site to enjoy delicious appetizers and hearty gourmet meals.

The fishing is a combination of floating and wading, giving the angler an opportunity to fish all kinds of water from fast runs to quiet pools. Our guides will be there to assist you - they are experienced professionals who know the rivers thoroughly and how to make a successful and enjoyable trip. We guarantee it.

Surface Transportation to Camp
The only way to access our camp is via float plan from King Salmon, Alaska. We are located 150 miles from the closest road system.

Your baggage will be transferred by the camp staff and placed in your tent.

There is always a possibility of wet weather, so dress accordingly or pack your rain gear on top or put it on before you leave. Prior to your state side departure, we suggest checking the 10 day King Salmon, Alaska weather forecast for last minute weather information.

Camp Orientation

On the day you arrive, camp staff will provide a general orientation explaining daily schedules and camp policies. If you are unsure about some aspect of your trip, please be sure to ask questions.

On The River

Borealis Outdoor Adventure is well regarded for its world class Rainbow Trout fishing. When conditions are right, an angler can cast to rainbow trout, sockeye salmon, tiger salmon, king salmon, grayling, dolly varden and artic char in a single week of fishing. This kind angling opportunity can be found only in a few locations in the world. If you would like to go after these other species, your guide can give advice on angling methods, availability, and fly or lure selection. You can fish from the raft. You can walk, fly-fish, spin or bait cast. You have a lot of options; so, it's a good idea to discuss your plans with your guide.

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule varies.  All anglers can fish 24 hrs. around the clock.  Check with your guide about your best options.


All boats are the finest Northwest River Supply River Rafts.  They are perfect for the waters we navigate.


ALL BOREALIS OUTDOOR ADVENTURE guides are professional Alaska fishing guides and are very knowledgeable about all styles of angling.  If you have any problems communicating during the day, speak to the fishing coordinator so he can correct the situation immediately.

Departure Day

On the day we depart from the river we will fish for most of the day. You will return to King Salmon via float plane to spend the night at a lodging of your choice. Transportation to the airport for your journey homeward will be provided for you by one of our staff.