Alaska Fly In Fishing and Camping

Don't fly fish and you've always wanted to learn the sport? Our top notch guides can get you up and casting to wild salmon and trout in no time. Read this page for information regarding what to bring for gear. We guarantee that once you start fly fishing, you'll just love it!

These are some of the biggest native Alaskan leopard rainbow trout that you'll ever see or have the opportunity to catch in your lifetime. Some clients have described this as the best rainbow trout fly fishing that the world has to offer. We think so too.

Alaska Fly In Fishing Offering

  • Six Day Alaska Fly Fishing Adventure near King Salmon Alaska in the wild
  • UP CLOSE HEARTSTOPPING Alaska wildlife viewing opportunities
  • trophy Alaska king salmon and Alaska rainbow trout on the fly
  • professional, courteous, and fun expert fly fishing guides that absolutely love their job
  • Five Star nightly gourmet dining - Alaska wilderness style!
  • the Alaskan fly fishing trip of a lifetime





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Alaska Fishing Information - Fishing LIcenses, Gear, Flies, Rods, Reels and Lines

Read & download our BOA Gear List doc in Adobe PDF format here.

Alaska Fishing License

You will need to purchase a fishing license.  Alaska Fishing license and permits are available for purchase online.  We are a private fishing charter and we operate within the laws and regulations set by the Alaska Dept of Fish and Game.

Alaska Rods, Lines & Flies

Rods & Lines for each species of fish

Alaska Rainbow Trout - a 6 weight and an 8 weight will cover all circumstances. Anything lighter and you could end up really beating up a trophy fish.  Both sinking and floating line work well.  Any of the interchangeable head systems work great.  There are plenty of opportunity to spey fish, but at least one single handed rod is necessary for fishing out of the rafts.

Grayling - a 3 weight and/or a 5 weight rod work great for Grayling.  Floating lines work the best.

Alaska Salmon - 8 weight and 10 weight rods work well, with 10 being my pick for big water or kings. We do have the opportunity to fish shallow water for the sockeye making the 8 wt a lot of fun, but once they hit the main current you could lose the fish.  I also supply big Ugly Stick fly rods with moocher reels that make great salmon medicine.

Leaders - for leader material I generally just run 40/30/20/10 or straight 15lbs test.  The trout are not leader shy and we are not into tippet records and dead trout.  Straight 20 or 15 is great for salmon.

Flies Selection

Steelhead Flies - most steelhead flies work great for these monster rainbows. Lead eye leech patterns-Egg sucking leech with zonker strips and articulating bodies.  Yellow, red, orange or chartreuse eyes.  Bodies can be either black or olive.  Sizes 6-2 (with mono body often small egg hook is used)

Articulated Leeches cone heads or lead eyes - black with chartreuse collar, purple with red, olive.  4 inch flies are not too big.

Bead head nymphs - work great as droppers copper johns, princes, hares ear and zug bugs are all good picks.

Big and nasty DOUBLE BUNNY - in olive and purple or natural and brown.  What a great fly. Mouse and lemming patterns for early season rainbow trout action.  These are particulary effective during June.  Watching angry trout slam the surface for small rodents is an unbelievable experience.

Smolt patterns - these are critical for the June trips as the trout migrate down stream with the sockeye smolt towards the ocean. Muddler Minnows are also a great choice. A person just should not go fishing without a few in their box.